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My Musings

  • Announcing the Pulp Fiction Book Store!
    Nov, 2016

    I'm very pleased to announce the Pulp Fiction Book Store located at

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  • eBook-Builders is a new service from IONBLUU
    June, 2016

    eBook-Builders is a new service from IONBLUU. We're very proud and excited to announce the imminent opening of to help authors create the eBook they REALLY want.

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  • Casey & Casey: Responsive Redesign
    Jan., 2016

    The Casey and Casey Law Offices are in Boone, NC and when I first encountered them they had a terrible web site. As far as being a representative and persuasive site, marketing the capabilities of the practice, … no. It probably drove more potential clients away than it attracted.

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  • Your High Point
    June, 2015

    The Your High Point App is a collaboration with the High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is an introduction to the best of High Point and the surrounding area that is accessible to both Locals and Visitors to the City. The app is built for Android and iOS phones.

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  • The Cost of an App
    Sept., 2014

    The cost of an App varies widely. The best analogy I've heard is that an App costs as much as a car. You can pick up something for $1500 for your kid or you can buy yourself a Ferrari for several hundred thousand. It all depends on what you want from your App and how much you want to budget.

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  • A Quick Guide to QR Codes
    Nov., 2013

    What is a QR code? Briefly it is a printed link to a web page. Looking like a somewhat odd crossword puzzle, QR codes can be found on all kinds of printed material from business cards to posters, hang tags to billboards.

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  • How Not to Market on the Mobile Web
    Oct., 2012

    We're really starting to see the maturation of the mobile web. That's not to say that we won't see big leaps forward from here but we can say that we have a sense of what works on the mobile web and what doesn't. You have to remember that people browsing from their smartphones are often on the go somewhere and are looking for instant information. Many companies are making good use of the mobile web and giving consumers what they need and want. That being said there are practices that are less than ideal.

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  • Black Friday 2011
    Dec., 2011

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011 are in the books and there are some numbers to discuss. This year we've seen online sales targeted from Thursday through Monday and Black Friday sales becoming week long events. I think going forward we will need to speak of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday long weekend as exactly that: a long weekend of retail selling leading into the Christmas season, especially as it involves using mobile devices.

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  • There's No There, There
    Aug., 2011

    My son is going off to college to a school where winters can be severe, where ice and snow can pile up and be a problem for weeks at a time. My wife and I took him to an outlet mall where we knew one of the stores sold very highly regarded winter outerwear. This company has worked diligently with the new fabric technologies, the sweat wicking, heat trapping and venting technologies that distinguish these products from the old heavy wool coats that used to be the last word in outerwear to an earlier generation.

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